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Art in historic surroundings

vízBE- Gisle Harr

03. Jun 2018 - 31. Aug 2018

Between the museum objects at Stavanger Maritime Museum, Gisle Harr has placed freestanding sculptures and showcases. In addition, the exhibition consists of text and sketches. The works of art are in fact an exhibition in the exhibition.

The sculptures represent portraits of people in frozen poses. At first glance, some may look like they are visiting the museum, while others are left on the shelf, as museum objects. One can spot a tourist, a family member, or maybe a local hero ...?

In the showcases, the audience can watch scenes consisting of three-dimensional postcards. In reality, the scenes are absurd compilations or collages, including old postcards, landscape paintings and the artist's own snapshots.

Text and sketches are a third element of the exhibition. Together they constitute personal stories and considerations related to the sea and to selected landscape paintings from the southwest.