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the sensuous 1700s

Cinnamon and Cochenille

26. Nov 2016 - 03. Sep 2017

The exhibition on the museum's second floor is a journey of discovery about how the 1700s looked in Norway, tasted, smelled, sounded and felt. The starting point for the exhibition is the project called “Historiske toll- og skipsanløplister”. The project provides data on trade and ship traffic in pre-industrial Norway, also providing an insight into what people were doing, what goods they could buy in the store, as well as which countries and places they shared trading agreements. The list provides a good picture of how the 1700s could be experienced through the senses.

the sensuous 1700s

The exhibition displays artifacts from the collections at Stavanger Maritime Museum, Stavanger Museum, as well Vindafjord Museum, Haugaland museums AS.