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The General Store

Tobacco and Bonbons

08. May 1985 - 31. Dec 2019

The written sources tell us that there has probably been some form of trading activity at Nedre Strandgate 19 since the 1760s. The first shop owner that we know the name of is the spinster Dorothea Catarine von der Lippe, and she ran the general store here for over 40 years up until 1802. For the first half of the nineteenth century the merchant Boye Pettersen ran the business in both Nedre Strandgate 17 & 19, and he was renowned for his wide range of goods. The stock consisted of everything from seafarers’ equipment, paint, cream and milk, to fine porcelain. He also specialised in vegetable and flower seeds, and berry bushes.

The general store register

The reconstruction of the shop dates to ca.1910 and has been created from the interiors and artefacts of several dismantled Stavanger shops. One of them was Stavanger Colonial, which stood at Kirkegate 15 up until 1972 when it closed down. The general store contains a range of goods that are likely to have been sold to townsfolk, seafarers and farmers.